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A Resort in a Series of Tropical Pavilions on Koh Samui

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A symmetrical pavilion layout distinguishes Villa Mia at Chaweng Beach on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand.

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The symmetrical layout places a rhythmic series of outdoor spaces and pavilions spaced around a central pool.

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In its midst, a sunken seating area is cooled by its surrounding water.

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Each of the surrounding pavilions overlooks the pool.

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In one of the outdoor spaces, lush jungle planting and rustic wooden roofing supply an evening soak with a tropical ambiance.

72 architecture

In a cool all-white bedroom, deeply recessed niches at the head of the bed provide display space for traditional sculptures.

112 architecture

In another, a four poster bed made with thick white timbers repeats the bold rafters of the raised roof.

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In front of the bed, a pillow-strewn sofa and a coffee table -composed of a solid chunk cut from a huge tree – sit on a sisal rug.

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This beautiful tropical villa with its Balinese architecture features five bedrooms and bathrooms.

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Each of these square modular units of pavilions, indoor and out, has its own raised rafter roof.

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For the traveler, the design creates a resort with an air of mystery and the Oriental intrigue of Asian architecture.

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