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An Extremely Minimalist House is Best Appreciated While it’s Empty

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Architects: MDBA designed this house in Sant Cugat del Vallés, Spain.

Let’s step in this door…

10 architecture

Wow. That’s one very long view! It is possible to walk right out into it.

Photos taken before the house is furnished make it possible to experience the extreme minimalism of its spare design.

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The street access is from the back of the ground floor, and the master bedroom is on this floor.

Not the fully glazed walls are open towards the long view.

1 architecture

Upstairs, three more bedrooms also confront the huge view.

6 architecture

The living room is at right angles to the main house, forming an L with the kitchen anchoring the corner.

8 architecture

The most spartan possible fireplace and chimney are perfectly placed to encourage well-organized seating around it on both sides.

7 architecture

Likewise, the clean design of the scrupulously minimal kitchen can be understood most clearly when viewed with no furnishings.

4 architecture

By the time the ground floor gets to the front of the section, the steep slope made it possible to cantilever the living room out into space, creating that long ‘pier’ effect out into the view.

11 architecture

Above the cantilevered living room, a roof deck opens off the children’s bedroom floor upstairs.

9 architecture

Nothing impedes the fabulous view out towards the mountains offered as you walk out towards the end of the cantilever.

Floor to ceiling glazing the full length of both walls make it a walking view as you get there.

12 architecture

By contrast, from the street at the back, the only windows to be seen are those for the staircase in the center and to three bathrooms in the corners.

(Because minimalism also requires that you make no redundant windows where there’s nothing to see, either.)

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