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A Sensitive Edwardian Conservatory Retrofit with Curved Glass Ceilings

Glass Wave1 architecture
Here is a very elegant retrofit of an Edwardian conservatory by London Architects Andy Martin Associates.

Glass Wave4 architecture
Rhyming perfectly with the graceful curve of the doors, new curved glass ceilings wrap over the beautifully proportioned doorways that open out into the garden behind.

Glass Wave5 architecture
The retrofit actually boasts the most horizontally placed curved glass in the UK.

Glass Wave2 architecture

The result keeps the external Victorian formality that the client desired, but the building also meets modern building codes, using very modern glass techniques.

Glass Wave3 architecture
In order to meet the R-values for insulation, the curved glass had to be double glazed and toughened and then finally coated with a metal oxide, not easy on a curved surface.

Glass Wave6 architecture
It was quite a feat. The architects approached some of the largest manufacturers of curved glass in the UK and internationally, and could not find any who felt able to handle it.

Glass Wave8 architecture
The result is coolly elegant, both historic and modern.

Glass Wave9 architecture

Unlike the dark and poky original, the conservatory now brings in twice the light of the original.

Glass Wave91 architecture

All the interior rooms now have one or two scoops of daylight reflecting extra light inwards from outside.

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  1. Gerry Says:

    So they approached a bunch of people, none of whom felt comfortable doing it and yet it magically appeared? Fully completed and awesome?

    Please finish the article with a bit more of the important details…

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