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The Void House in Filothei from Gem Architects

Filothei 1 architecture

The Filothei House from Greek architecture firm Gem Architects is a three story cube of concrete carved out in a zig zag shape to reveal covered exterior terraces that pull powerful shadows deep into the building.

Filothei 2 architecture

Together – all the apertures contribute to the contrast of solid and void, light and shade. The play of Mediterranean sunlight creates a rich shadow-scape, a bold modern pattern that recollects Hellenic traditions.

Filothei 12 architecture

Shadow patterns were a key element of ancient Greek Architecture. Black lava stone decks intensify the shadows in the recessed spaces.

Filothei 4 architecture

At night, the reverse play of light and shade is equally compelling.

Filothei 6 architecture

The changing light-scape as evening draws in is apparent in this noble space. From the architects, “Together, the captured daily movement of light, the seasonal blossoming and fading of florae, and the very gradual aging of wood, stone, concrete and metal all make of this house a vessel for witnessing the passage of time.”

Filothei 71 architecture

The rich carving of light continues indoors with a huge raised ceiling that brings a rich and powerful light from outside in.

Filothei 81 architecture

As the outside light fades into dusk, equally deeply carved-out interior spaces in the ceiling serve apparently infinite light.

Filothei 11 architecture

The elegant drawing room is actually quite compact.

Filothei 15 architecture

To the right of the living room a central elevator and stairway bring a shot of color into the interior.

Filothei 10 architecture

The cube is tightly organized and appears to be bigger than it is.

Filothei 13 architecture

A cool filtered light flows over the stone in the bathrooms, for a peaceful effect.

Filothei 9 architecture

Thin wooden louvers create a continually evolving dialogue of light and shadow for privacy, and cross ventilation for bio-friendly climatic design.

Filothei 5 architecture

While the terraces terraced spaces create buffering zones from the sun and rain, a planted roof garden insulates the house from heat and cold.

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  1. Angie Says:

    So glad to see Less is More type architecture still exists…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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