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A Severe Concrete House Set in the Woods

JD House 3 architecture

Concrete walls direct light and provide organized views within this 1,790 square foot concrete home in Mar Azul, on the coast of Argentina.

JD House 2 architecture

The compact house is simply two intersecting perpendicular forms with long views each way out.

JD House 9 architecture

The visibility through the house is as important as the opacity of the gray concrete walls.

JD House 4 architecture

Located in a clearing among trees of various heights, and with its bold deck suspended high above the ground, the house appears a little alien.

JD House 6 architecture

In the forest, yet not of it.

JD House 8 architecture

Concrete formwork creates walls that look like rammed earth, but are not.

JD House 1 architecture

The concrete was mixed with a plasticizer in the mix itself with little amounts of water used to harden.

JD House 15 architecture

This resulted in a very hard compact material that does not require sealing to keep moisture out.

JD House 11 architecture

Its bare concrete deck – with no railing – would never pass a building code in California. It separates the viewer from the ground.

JD House 7 architecture

By contrast with the severe exterior, inside the concrete shell, the house is partly lined on the inside with warm golden wood, as if to keep separate the wood from the surrounding trees.

JD House 14 architecture

A large, flexible social area, integrated into the kitchen accommodates different activities for the guests that are expected.

JD House 5 architecture

The bedrooms and bathrooms are nestled and buried under the general “ground level” of the house, completely private and warm..

JD House 13 architectureAlthough the house seems visually completely open, in fact the architects took great care to create warm private areas within.

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  1. Pamela Scott Says:

    This is a beautiful home. To me..it's the restraint in decor that allows the the materials and design to meld and make the house feel like a fine piece of jewelry.

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