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A Lovely Re-use in an Ancient Japanese Village

dorm 3 green

In a village on Teshima, an island lying in the Seto Inland Sea, a vacant house set among the old houses of the village, was converted by architect Koichi Futatsumata from CASE-REAL into a dormitory for seasonal restaurant workers.

dorm 12 green

Depopulation in the isolated village has left many houses vacant.
dorm 5 green

The idea was to make the most of a vacant house, as an example of a way to cope with depopulation, a problem for Japan, by making a dormitory for restaurant workers.

dorm 13 green

The interior space is comprised of three private rooms and a lounge, and a small courtyard set in the middle.
dormitory 1 green

The huge white terrace extends out to the open space bringing a sense of relief and freedom.

dorm 11 green

Inside and out, woods, stones, and plasters are all in whites, with different expressions and tones.

dorm 16 green

Restful white makes a peaceful dormitory, allowing sleep day or night for restaurant shift workers.
dorm 2 green

In Japan, white is not only a symbol of new beginning, but the sacred color representing purity, innocence, and peace.

dorm 8 green

All the furnishings and functional features of the dormitory are in various white materials.

dorm 9 green

The only break can be seen laying down. Here are some of the original rafters from the old house that was their before.

dorm 7 green

The deteriorated traditional Japanese style roofing shingles were replaced.

dorm 41 green

The new roof followed the basic form and color of the original, elegantly integrating old and new.

dorm 14 green

But the dark wood exterior, remembered by the villagers, cladding the existing wall facing the lane was left untouched.

dorm 10 green

This sensitive integration of new and old gently expands the language of the existing architecture on the island.

dorm 15 green

New elements of new Japanese style, like these beautiful doors, are are carefully blended in without clashing with the surrounding village, which remains unchanged from ancient times.

Photographs: Hiroshi Mizusaki

Via Arch Daily

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