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A Sleek and Sophisticated Singapore Shop House Renovation

cairnhill road10 architecture

A traditional facade of colonial architecture in Singapore masks a surprising twist within.

cairnhill road1 architecture

The dark warren of former rooms have been scraped out and replaced with a huge elegant space that connects across its center by stairwells, with a master bedroom suite and the children’s two bedrooms above the kitchen and the living room.

cairnhill road3 architecture

A Koi pond anchors the unusual plan, offering a visual feast for those traversing the stairwells.

cairnhill road4 architecture

At one extreme of the long narrow site, a kitchen and dining room is behind the Koi pond.

cairnhill road7 architecture

While on the other side of the Koi pond, the living room is separated from the dining room yet connected to it, in a way that facilitates entertaining.

cairnhill road8 architecture

Because this ground floor has been eviscerated, leaving one long room, there is more of a sense of extensive space – so important in cramped Singapore.

cairnhill road5 architecture

Beautifully crafted stairs taking you up to the private rooms above appear like sculptures circling the pond, which is now a well lighted space lit by a huge central skylight.

cairnhill road9 architecture

Throughout the new house, the gleaming combination of dark wood and smooth and glossy surfaces – water, glass, marble – create a cool and sophisticated ambiance.

cairnhill road6 architecture

While the original configuration did not suit modern living, now the overall effect is of a sleek, grownup, urbane space, thanks to Singapore’sRichardHO Architects.

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