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For South Africa’s Hot Climate, the Cool and Elegant House Abo

House Abo1 architecture

This beauty represents a thorough overhaul of a dingy existing structure in hot suburban Limpopo, South Africa.

House Abo6 architecture

Known for their sophistication and bold design, South Africa’s Nico van der Meulen Architects completely transformed the frumpy former brick house.

House Abo10 architecture

The outdated single story brick home, hot and cramped, is now the open and glorious, double height glass House Abo.

House Abo9 architecture

Outside, wooden slats take the brunt of the brutal sun.

House Abo11 architecture

New double height spaces are now pleasantly chilled by wonderful cool stone floors.

House Abo2 architecture

For the climate, on the Tropic of Capricorn, cooling is the main consideration…

House Abo3 architecture

As a result, refreshing water features occupy almost every second “room.”

House Abo4 architecture

Walkways connect the rooms across the pools.

House Abo5 architecture

Outdoor rooms take advantage of tropical breezes.

House Abo7 architecture

A bridge over yet another cool body of water connects the public and private parts of the house, leading to the bedrooms.

House Abo12 architecture

The master bedroom opens out onto its own generous private terrace.

House Abo13 architecture

The bedroom and the bathroom is faced with cool travertine stone.

House Abo14 architecture

One of these walls extends unbroken from the bathroom into the master bedroom.

House Abo8 architecture

House Abo represents an elegant and grand solution to an extreme climate, with civilized living spaces that appear to float like islands on the wood decking.

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