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A Solid, Stable Home Has A Watery Foundation

Floating Home2 architecture
The story of the three little pigs is a cautionary story: it is designed to instruct. Don’t build your home on sand or from straw or the big bad wolf will blow it down. No word though about not building your house on water. But this stable and centered home by Seattle’s Vandeventer + Carlander Architects is rock solid.
Floating Home3 architecture
This home on Seattle’s Lake Huron makes it seem as if we always lived on water. It’s solid and stable, and centered, and calming.

Floating Home4 architecture
Usually watery homes are a little more Bohemian than this. Sausalito in California was first created by hippies in the 1970’s, and it looks it.

Floating Home5 architecture
Of course, the ocean can get ugly, but a calm lake like Lake Huron seems like an ideal home site.  Certainly the water views are unsurpassed.

Floating Home6 architecture
The detailing is also very durable, solid and serious. Typical maritime construction details abound.

Floating Home7 architecture
Source: Freshome

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  1. Mike D. Says:

    That would be "Lake Union". No idea where Lake Huron is but it's not in Seattle…

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