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Amazing ISOLA Linear Kitchen by TOYO Kitchen & Living

linear kitchen 1

Just when we think modern kitchens couldn’t get any sleeker, we see the “Linear” concept in the ISOLA series of the Japan-based TOYO Kitchen & Living Co., Ltd. Its beautiful design, based on the cantilever architectural structure, introduces new values in contemporary home interior, making the kitchen a true “object d’art”. “New values” means innovations – this contemporary kitchen is the first in the world to use the cantilever concept and Venetian glass mosaic for its needs. Made by stainless steel, 5 types of Venetian mosaic (White, Black, Glory, Dsisy and Marigold) and 4 types of etchings (Plain, Skull, Chandelier and Dog), the Linear kitchen pushes the boundaries of the design-function pursuit and enters the realm of genuine artistry. A true jaw-dropping kitchen from TOYO, as usual.

linear kitchen 2

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