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A Sophisticated Beachfront Home in Venice Beach, California

5 15-22-19

Dan Brunn Architecture built this striking home in a region of Venice Beach already noted for outstanding modern architecture.

4 15-22-19

Giant shutters on the side are fully movable for privacy when needed, while still providing panoramic beach views.

10 15-22-19

The clients are both professional photographers, and their home is also a public showcase for their work.

9 15-22-19

Unlike many in this part of Venice Beach, they live and work here year-round.

13 15-22-19

So the home is no beach cottage, but a professional live-work space.

7 15-22-19

A shared office space overlooks a small grass courtyard, giving a breath of fresh air while working on the computer.

1 15-22-19

Interestingly, this same plot of grass also opens onto a wide open bathroom

3 15-22-19

The wall on the other side of the grass can be closed off for privacy during the summer season when there might be people around.

15 15-22-19

Two sides of the building have open walls, the first of which facing the beach and the other facing a public walkway that borders the home’s property.

2 15-22-19

Two floors have the potential to be turned into a gallery or party space, with only the top story being exclusively private.

12 15-22-19

A private deck off the upstairs bedroom is a pared-down space that echoes the serene and simple view beyond.

6 15-22-19

The detailing throughout is perfectionist in its scrupulous minimalism.

14 15-22-19

The result is a sleek and sophisticated live-work home for two photographers all in black and white – like an old photograph.

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