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A Strange Desert Mirage in Joshua Tree, California

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Is this a desert mirage?

The platonic idea of a house?

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What seems to be a transparent house is in fact strips of mirror reflecting a 360 degree view from the center of a vast desert plan.

The reflected view is virtually identical on every side, creating the illusion of transparency.

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The strips of mirror are interspersed with knotty old wooden planks.

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A 70 year old hut forms the armature of the strange edifice.

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Artist Phillip K Smith III created the piece: Lucid Stead.

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The strange house exacerbates the solitary nature of the desert, creating a greater awareness of its loneliness.

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Even its own shadow is roped in to add to this surreal creation.

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The measured pace of the lonely setting is increased somehow by the mirroring of the vast empty surround.

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As dusk falls, Smith engineers a delirious, almost spiritual experience, adding in a playful use of color.

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But what a long lonely drive with water for the artist to keep these mirrors clean.

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