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Another Lovely House in Singapore from Guz Architects

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Here is another al fresco beauty from Guz Architects with their signature elegance and ease; the Willow House.

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Like their Fish House, this outdoor living home for a young family in Singapore has a soaring parabolic roof shape.

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Discrete and private, the entrance embraces the visitor with a civilized welcome.

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What lovely proportions in its gateway, draped in Singapore’s lustrous tropical greenery.

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As if dropped from the circular hole above it, a circle of greenery mirrors a cutout above, letting you experience that you are under a roof garden.

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Water surrounds it, creating cooling breezes.

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The view back down through that circle cut in the rooftop garden is quite surreal.

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Languid fronds drape from the garden above and are reflected in the serene waters below.

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The rooftop garden is amazing in its resemblance to an earthbound lawn garden.

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It is reached by climbing stair treads that are themselves all miniature “green roofs” – each one sown with closecut groundcover.

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These green stairs pierce another frame-shaped square opening of the roof garden.

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Outdoor passageways maximize the enjoyment of the garden fragrances, in Singapore’s balmy climate.

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The most extraordinary view is at night, where the glass-edged pool makes it seem as if the house floats atop a solid rectangle of green gel.

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