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A Stunning and Naturally Cool House for Israel’s Climate

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A partially see-through glass box is created by Israel-based Pitsou Kedem.

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The pool mirrors the serene interior and the view to the forest through the glass entry in the back.

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Double-height glass sheets glide open on an electric motor.

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Viewed from the pool, the house becomes simply a pavilion within a pool garden.

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The house is a narrow L shape with clear glass only to the east and west.

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Perfect for Israel’s climate, the narrow house with no southern glass pulls cool breezes through it.

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A shifted mezzanine houses the master bedroom suite – and shades the back entrance.

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Entering the house from the back, you see across to the extension with the childrens’ bedrooms, along with their playroom downstairs.

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The childrens’ wing juts out behind the kitchen, while stairs lead up to the parents’ suite.

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Light fills the narrow house evenly from east and west on both floors.

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The entry to the master bedroom suite overlooks the pool and the garden.

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And from the street, an utterly private place gives no hint of the abundance of light within.

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