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Fresh Green Home for a Young Family in Vietnam

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What appears to be daylight on both sides floods a very zen home for a young family in Vietnam.

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In fact it is a huge skylight in the center of the house.

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This central skylight is over an indoor garden, further creating the sense that it is really outdoors.

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Viewed from the stairs to the parents’ suite, there’s a zen sense of calmness and respect in this green interior, repeated in the refreshing pale green kitchen.

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The sliver of kitchen window seems to disappear behind the lighted display of slender saplings.

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Upstairs the parents’ suite opens to a stairwell that overlooks the green garden inside.
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A balcony outside the master bathroom overlooks the garden laundry room below and repeats the illusion of daylight outside with a skylight.
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The kids rooms downstairs have the cheerful energy of kids.
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The architects respected the needs and wishes of this particular family, for a contemporary home that accommodates the children’s needs and where family life would revolve around open space in the House in Go Vap by Vietnamese architecture studio MM++ Architects.

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