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A Tranquil Garden Spa with an Air of Mystery

spa1 architecture

LAND Arquitectos have designed an enticing garden spa with an otherworldly appearance in  Santiago, Chile.

spa4 architecture

The effect of a strip of fluorescent lighting underneath makes the glass spa seem suspended a little above ground.

spa5 architecture

Counterintuitively, this ethereal under-lighting continues even under the stone slab that supports the entire group of buildings.

spa2 architecture

The spa complex, including an exercize room, is set in an active kitchen garden growing capers, lavender, rosemary, creeping laurel.

spa3 architecture

Between the two wings, a contemplative gravel courtyard bakes in the dry sun.

spa8 architecture

The two wings are are connected behind it by a simple concrete and glass passage.

spa10 architecture

The most surprising slit of glass pierces the concrete ceiling above this passage-way.

spa9 architecture

The skylight strip cut into concrete echoes the equally surprising narrow strip of light beneath the structure – the contrast between the ethereality of white light and the weighty presence of concrete or stone.

spa7 architecture

Here viewed from the hallway towards the exercize room, the completely transparent glass walls almost entirely erase the indoor-outdoor boundaries.

spa6 architecture

The effect is a spa that enhances the sense of a tranquil relationship with nature, even seen from the sauna.

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