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Harsh Sunlight is Filtered in Le Clos des Sablieres in the South of France

leclos7 architecture

Le Clos des Sablieres apartment complex in Bordeaux, France has an exterior skin almost like a wall of louvered wooden shutters set a good distance in front of the passageway entrances to each apartment.

leclos2 architecture

At the top floor, glass panels replace the exterior skin of wooden louvres, and are set a distance away, allowing fresh air into the access way for the apartment complex.

The gaudy coloration is a bright spot in a depressing landscape of urban architecture.

leclos4 architecture

The apartments open to both sides allowing light on both sides.

leclos1 architecture
The louvered passageway allows fresh air to circulate, but filters the hot sunlight of the South of France.

leclos3 architecture
Although painted a bright and cheery red, the interior passage is a little reminiscent of the efficient industrial style of a prison complex.

leclos architecture

Architects Agence Bernard Bühler have designed a complex that is both industrial yet bright and cheerful to welcome immigrants from the North African regions, with colors to echo the architecture of the region.

leclos5 architecture

Each apartment gets a balcony on the far side, with colorful blinds that echo the sultry coloration of the passageways, while being set back from the region’s harsh sunlight, to physically cool the interiors.

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