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A Whiter than White Loft Conversion

white loft 1 architecture
Only someone who has converted a dirty old warehouse into a living space will understand the psychology behind this excessively clean white space. Sure, this is the “After” picture.
white loft 2 architecture
But take a look at the Before picture. Feel a little grungy?
white loft 5 architecture
Some of the excessive whiteness is taken to an extreme that is almost comical…
white loft 31 architecture
…but having been in those shoes, of making a home out of a warehouse, I can completely understand this rather obsessively clean white space.
white loft 7 architecture
Abandoned warehouses can be in abandoned warehouse districts. This is in the penthouse position, getting a rooftop garden.
white loft 8 architecture
One of the interesting features is the glossy new white epoxy floor, that contrasts its perfect slick texture with the very imperfect rustic old beams and infrastructure pipes.
white loft 6 architecture
The loft conversion by Poteet Architects is for an art collector in downtown San Antonio.

white loft 4 architecture
The quirky shapes in these colorful doors have been used by Poteet elsewhere too: here they give a homey life to the stark white space.

Via Arch Daily

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