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Design Dilemma: Fun and Stylish Barbecue Grills

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It’s at the start of summer that a few of us realize our outdoor cooking facilities are inadequate. We fantasize about more glamorous solutions to our backyard grilling needs. Well, we’ve kept a sharp eye out for innovative and stylish grills that can help solve all your barbecue woes.

1) Need to stay mobile? Above, the EVO stainless steel gas grill will set you back about $3,000. On the upside, the grill is a wheeled cart, which means you can move it wherever the sun shines brightest. It has a removable cook top for easy cleaning and is available in  either propane or natural gas.

2) Want an easy clean-up? The Cook-n-Dine flameless cooking grill/table allows you to cook and eat at the very same place, which means fewer cooking implements and easier clean-up.  The center of the table heats up to form a cooking pit – you simply place your food and cook it there without the use of any pots or pans (the heated portion will turn into a concave pit). The price? $1,600 – worth it considering you will have fewer dishes to wash.

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3) Got a modern house that deserves a modern grill? Here’s your solution. The Jeppe Utzon barbecue by Electrolux was created by the grandson of the legendary Jorn Utzon, the guy who designed the Sydney Opera House. This stylish, minimalist BBQ grill is the perfect outdoor accessory for your ultra-modern house.bbq6 how to tips advice

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4) Live in a condo or apartment building that does not allow open flame grilling? How about an electric grill that can fit on a tabletop? For $695, the Electri-Chef offers 115 volts and 224 square inches of cooking surface. It includes a precision temperature control, built-in timer and large dip tray.

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Or if you’re looking for an electric grill that is a little sleeker, check out the Egrill. At $219, the Egrill offers 120 volts and uses 2 750 Halogen elements. It will fire up to 680 degrees.

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5) Want to grill in an eco-friendly way? The Black +Blum Hot Pot , $124, will allow you to grill your tofu burgers in an ingeniously simple way that doesn’t call for much space. A plant pot that looks like terracotta (but is actually heat resistant ceramic coated stainless steel) hides a dotted grill and stylish tongs. When not in use, the grill looks like a regular planter, and the top portion can be used to grow herbs. How’s that for environmentally-friendly?

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