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Amazing Stone Hideaway in New Zealand by Murray Cockburn

kohara lodge 1 architecture

Architect Murray Cockburn created this lovely hideaway in Arthurs Point, New Zealand. Designed with environmental considerations in mind, Kohara Lodge is built of natural schist stone and recycled railway timbers. The owner’s wish was to preserve the natural landscape as much as possible, so the architect incorporated the natural hillside into the building’s design and re-planted the surrounding space with native trees. The house is an open-plan type with plenty of windows that provide gorgeous views over the near Shotover River and Coronet Peak. On the inside the contemporary house has a definite rustic feel, and the recurring schist stone lining, combined with the wooden ceiling, complete the classic mountain retreat interior. [via]

kohara lodge 2 architecture

kohara lodge 3 architecture

kohara lodge 4 architecture

kohara lodge 6 architecture

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