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Design Dilemma: Embracing Slouchy Furniture

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Lately, we keep stumbling on slouchy furniture, and we love it!
What’s so great about low-slung furniture without the precise rigid lines of more traditional furniture?

Well, for one,  it’s simply cool. Suggesting informality, the casual lines of slouchy furniture do not strain to impress. And number two, slouchiness in furniture tends to translate into comfort — one of our primary needs in good furniture. You can lay back, hang out, relax, listen to music or watch a movie, in all the comfort you would experience relaxing in bed.

Take, for example, the Big Zoe Chaise Longue, pictured above and below. Designed by Lievore Altherr Molina for the Italian furniture firm Verzelloni, you just don’t get lower and wider than this. Verzelloni offers several different slouchy lines, including the Big Joe couch.

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Another piece in the low and wide-slung category is “Lazy Bastard” the brainchild of Dutch designer Bertjan Pot. It’s sort of a cross between a bean bag and a Lazy Boy recliner. And like a bean bag, the chair is filled with little polystyrene balls.

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Also in the slouchy category, but perhaps with a bit more structure, is The Bend by designer Patricia Urquiola, available through B & B Italia. Low and wide, the Bend sofa eliminates the traditional frame.

The Bend Sofa by Patricia Urquiola how to tips advice

The Peanut Sofa below by New York-based HudsonFurniture also falls into the same category. This time, the modular nature of the couch allows you to adjust the couch’s configuration to your environment.

9 15 peanut sofa 1 how to tips advice

Finally, what does this slouchy furniture look like at home? Here’s an example below, where slouchy leather couches provide the perfect casual yet ultra-cool touch in a loft-like interior.

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