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An Architect’s Own Quirky Space for Art

Pedro Useche 2 architecture

Artistic detailing like this grass stairway typifies the very quirky home of Architect Pedro Useche.  The Venezuelan-born architect had a hands-on start in architecture: he made furniture he loved but could not afford to buy.

Pedro Useches 1 architecture

An example of the furniture he wanted is this ornately carved candlestick holder inside – all of the furniture in his home, he designed himself.

Located in tropical and humid Sao Paolo in Brazil, his house weathers like an old house anywhere – with damp stucco walls growing moss.

Pedro Useche 3 architecture

Sited in the sophisticated Morumbi neighbourhood, it’s hilltop perch offers panoramas. But attention to detail keeps the focus on the house itself.

Pedro Useche 4 architecture

The result is a very large (1,000 square meters) house. In a big departure from the forbidding and noncommittal exterior shell, inside is a rather rambling and personal house with a lot of character.

Pedro Useche 5 architecture

A very unique floor of waste stone pieces looks like alligator skin. Together with the avocado green ceiling the effect is amusingly tropical.

Pedro Useche 6 architecture

Each space seems to tell another story yet the whole floor plan feels like a guided tour through the inhabitant’s lifestyle.

Pedro Useche 7 architecture

The amusing floor continues untill the interior art spaces are reached.

Pedro Useche 8 architecture

Some charmingly goofy cut-out metal stairs offer an intriguing glimpse of vegetation underneath, reminiscent of the grass stairway outside.

Pedro Useche 10 architecture

The stairs lead down into a double-height living room with plenty of space for the architect’s art collections.

Pedro Useche 9 architecture

More low windows survey vegetation from underneath a bookshelf in the library office.

Pedro Useche 12 architecture

Essentially, it is a home for art.

Pedro Useche 11 architecture

By contrast with all the amusing decor inside, the luscious garden creates a sense of peace and equilibrium outside. A sensible solar roof supplies guilt-free power to top it all off.

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  1. Leonardo Salvador Says:

    Very relaxing type of home where it is close to nature and the landscapes are great. It may look simple on the outside but a lot of things to do inside. Perfect house for relaxing and peaceful stay.

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