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Rocio Romero’s Prefab for a Photographer in Pacifica

Minnie House 1 green

When a photographer is the owner of a home, as here, the images bring the personal touch of the point of view of the person who is enjoying the home every day. These photos offer a personal take on the very sophisticated work of Rocio Romero, whose prefab company is among the few in the US that are successful.

Minnie House 2 green

These shots by Steve Rapport capture the ever-changing pleasures of Romero’s rather austere work, from that personal point of view.

Minnie House 6 green

What appears on the street side to be lacking enough windows shows a very different face inside from the photographer/homeowner’s perspective.

Minnie House 11 green

The afternoon sun in the kitchen reveals just how much light there is coming through what appeared to be rather small clerestory windows on the street side of the house.

Minnie House 5 green

A surprising amount of sunlight is brought in.

Minnie House 10 green

On the other side of the front door, a gallery revels in the high cool light from the clerestory windows.

Minnie House 9 green

The back of the house has a wide view of the California ocean.

Minne House 8 green

This becomes the focal point for the living room.

Minnie House 12 green

A cool setting sun brings a glow to the bedroom on the ocean side of the house. The house is cool and modern inside.

Minnie House 3 green

Romero’s use of industrial techniques helps keep costs down, and the house looking cool. As the owner told Jetson GreenThe house is absolutely amazing. The neighbors all love it and everyone stops by to say how cool it is. It’s very comfortable, spectacular, well thought out, spacious, roomy, light and airy. It fits the lot perfectly.

Minnie House 7 green

Romero has a very clean approach to her prefab line and her designs are modern and well articulated. Of course there is more to building costs than the house, (just look at Steve’s detailed figures – from excavation to building permits) but her costs come in very reasonably for such a sophisticated look, with her prefabs beginning at under $40,000.

Photos by Steve Rapport

Via Jetson Green

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