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An Austere Masterpiece – the Redgen Mathieson Bondi House

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A three story beachfront house with a pure, elevated facade of glass and marble on Sydney’s glorious Bondi Beach by Redgen Mathieson is squeezed vertically by its narrow infill site but capitalises on views across Icebergs to the beach.

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It is an elegant house with pure spaces, bold designs, subtly modelled interiors and details that makes the most of its heavenly view and its client’s needs.

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Three massive sliding glass panels and multi storey sheer white curtains emphasize its austere vertical marble and glass facade.

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A two storey curtain billows in the marble-cooled breeze off the ocean.

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It is the embodiment of the peace that comes from a focus on aesthetic qualities such as beauty and simplicity in the use of space and light.

“Out of it comes the calmness you can feel from some of the most beautiful spaces,” say the architects.

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The architects make use of a restricted but elegant palette of white terrazzo and Calacatta marble to celebrate light, ventilation and views.

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Almost ethical qualities of integrity, attention to detail and thoughtfulness mark the execution of such perfect peace.

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The architects have an understanding that buildings are “sympathetic” – they are made for people and places.

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Their interest is in classic composition of space, and their clients tend to share these values.

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With its focus on proportions and elegant materials, there is a meditative stillness that suggests the purity, humility and warmth of the ecclesiastical Romanesque tradition.

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Each object has an amazing clarity in this superbly minimalist space.

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The firm uses materials that provide longevity rather than showy superficiality.

Instead, the architecture responds to a desire for authenticity.

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None of this is simple. Simplicity never is, say the architects. “It takes a lot of effort to makes things look effortless.”

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