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Former WWII Arsenal Transforms into a Cosy Mountain Retreat

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A Swiss arsenal from WWII is transformed by Ralph Germann architectes into a warm and comfortable mountain chalet.

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Keeping the historic nature of the building with the use of simple materials, like larch, slate, glass, and metal, a cosy mountain cabin retreat is created.

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The key to the design is an entirely glazed interior box – with full height sliding doors – within the original army building.

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The glass box makes it possible to entirely open the barn doors outside, while a glass box keeps the interior cosy, while preserving the historic building shell.

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The generous exterior barn doors – and the glass interior door – can be open when the mountain sun is available.

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But in cold weather, the interior sliding glass door in front of the barn door opening is closed.

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Within the glass box, a lowered ceiling supports the lighting of the new house.

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A skylight cut into this ceiling offers a memento viewing up into the old wooden rafters of the WWII structure.

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Viewed through the glass box, the old markings of the former arsenal are preserved.

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Thick slabs of wooden cabinetry in the tiny bathroom artfully updates the mountain cabin aesthetic.

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What is astonishing is how spacious the compact cabin seems, within the encircling glass corridor.

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Who would imagine this tiny studio plan would be so liveable – and even spacious?

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Excellent organization of space makes each “room” in the tiny studio cabin seem room-sized.

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Once in each “room” there is no clue as to what the other “rooms” comprise.

Seen from here, the kitchen is as nondescript as a dressing room.

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Only from this vantage point can all the “rooms” in the tiny cabin be seen.

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