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An Elegant Dwelling in the Ruins of an Abandoned Factory

bofill1 architecture
bofill10 architecture
Lush vegetation had threatened to overcome the old factory structures.
bofill2 architecture

Now the complex is surrounded by overgrown gardens of palm, eucalyptus, cypress and olive trees.

bofill3 architecture
The visionary architect adapted the soaring factory spaces and silos to a new role that is elegant and refined.
bofill9 architecture

Most of the vast spaces and huge engine rooms were re-imagined as the headquarters of Architecture Workshop.

bofill11 architecture
The new images include some of the private apartment.
Note the surreal incongruity of mirrored windows and a bath tub sunk into a windowsill.
bofill7 architecture
The spaces are soaring and elegant, and the fifty foot white curtains speak to these sublime proportions.
bofill5 architecture
Urbane, pure, white curtains also create the friction of sharpest contrast to the rude textures of the industrial walls.
bofill8 architecture
The original factory stairs now painted a shiny white also contrast with the rustic original.
bofill4 architecture
A more masculine bedroom (the architect’s?) is fashioned by leaving the rustic stained wall as-is.
bofill6 architecture
These new images – though personal – make a delightful addition to an astonishing work.

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