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An Enigmatic Hideaway in the Brazilian Jungle

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You can imagine encountering this uncanny stage set in an old Tarzan movie.

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What mysteries lie within this surreal building deep in Brazil’s mountainous jungle in the Rio Bonito hinterland?

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The eerie structure is home for Luiz Carlos Mello, director of the Museum Images of the Unconscious in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Water and fire, weight and weightlessness, the archaic and the modern contrast brutally here in a unique cosmic habitat conjured by architect Carla Juaçaba.

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A dreamlike staircase carved from blocky stones is reminiscent of an ancient Mayan ruin.

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A primitive log stove suffices for cooking in the extremely spare space built close to a river.

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The house is suspended on modern steel beams slung between a pair of ancient seeming stone walls.

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The weightiness of the two stone supports is in sharp contrast to the weightlessness of the near-empty space between them.

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The extremely basic structure is suspended above the ground on steel I-beams.

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Next to the stone, two skylights at each end separate the roof from the heavy structural stone walls.

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Each end of the sliver of skylight is met by floor to ceiling glazing that brings the jungle into a rudimentary kitchen.

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Equally rudimentary, stairs are merely several casually stacked pieces of wood.

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Set deep in the Three Peaks nature preserve, the almost brutally simple retreat provides a place to dream, unencumbered by the distractions of civilization.

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