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An Intriguing Dublin Mews Retrofit

DD1 architecture

This very interesting series of shadows invented by Donaghy & Dimond Architects forms a new kitchen/living and separate study/bedroom to a 19th century Dublin mews house.

Weathered domestic back yards, outhouses, garden walls and rights of way forms a ‘borrowed landscape’ for the project.

DD7 architecture

Ancient weathered bricks from the enlarged opening in the back wall are reused as pavers for the courtyard.

DD architecture

The scale of garden wall and lean-to roof is used to connect and mediate between private house, urban courtyard garden and common back lane.

DD2 architecture

The narrow kitchen benefits from passive solar design, with the sun warming the thermal materials inside during the day, and warming the air each night.

DD4 architecture

The simple, unadorned construction reflects the simplicity of the neighbouring 19th century structures.

The materials will weather in place, allowing lichens and moss to grow on their textured surfaces.

DD6 architectureTheir lower edges of the new structure rest on and are connected by a timber box-beam doubling as valley gutter that collects all rainwater from the rear of the house and diverts it to a cast concrete cistern.

DD3 architecture

Passive solar design and very tight insulation makes the best of the weak Dublin sunshine. A polished concrete floor soaks up and retains warmth and gives it back to the greenhouse-like space.

The narrow kitchen workspace is finely tuned to be adequate, while encouraging outdoor eating in summer.

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