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An Electric Vehicle Lover’s Garage

Glass garage architecture

This glorious glass case is actually an ode to the car.

glass garage9 architecture

Designed by Brunete Fraccaroli for a client who loves his Maserati, the luxury car gets a starring role.

glass garage7 architecture

Sitting in its spacious display case, the luxury car looks as clean and emission-free as an electric car.

glass garage6 architecture

But for most of us, the thought of including any gasoline car in the living room might seem a bit smelly. Even a Maserati.

glass garage2 architecture

That’s why this kind of architecture is only possible as we move to the electric car, which emits no more pollutants than a fridge or a tv.

glass garage3 architecture
So actually, this revolutionary design gives direction for architects to consider how an electric car could be included in a living space, because it is as clean as any other family appliance.

glass garage4 architecture
Next to the car space, an office occupies the glassy open part of the garden-sited Maserati’s apartment.

glass garage5 architecture

Surprising in the dappled shade of a garden, the architecture has the glossy sleekness of a storefront.

glass garage8 architecture

The store-front-like framed pseudo-garage door suggests driving the car out through the office space into the garden. But really the car comes in from the back.

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