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An Intriguing Shabby Chic Stay in Uruguay

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Five-meter high factory gates and a facade of corrugated metal give an industrial-chic flair to the entrance to Casa Zinc, but inside the tall gates, it’s a different story.

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Here the old facade is clad in vintage railway bricks, and has the charm of tall french doors that belie its original use.

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Now the old factory building is a six bedroom hotel restored with casual flair by antique dealer Aaron Hojman as a “posada bohemia.”

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Every detail is perfectly imperfect for a refined stay at the shabby-chic posada.

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There is an attentive quality to the cheerfully understated restoration.

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White-slathered floorboards barely bother to meet, while a table leg has aged out of its original paint.

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An eclectic mix of furniture styles is loosely organized by the black and white tile floor.
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Serious wooden doors have heavy industrial hinges of weathered brass.

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A ceiling is simply the underside of the ancient wooden flooring upstairs.

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The rustic wooden headboards, the exposed wooden rafters and the wellworn bench are all in unrelenting shades of sepia.

This restful monotone would contribute an existential effect:

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The palette is muted to such a degree that a stay would feel almost like inhabiting a sepia-tint photograph.

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The rustic headboard and the comfort of a wooly blanket feels appropriate in this setting.

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The antique dealer has found the perfect sink – deep enough for a hair wash – for the old bathroom.

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What appear to be blackboards give a schoolroom air to dormitories.

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The Casa Zinc is located in the quiet village of La Barra along vast stretches of deserted beaches and low headlands on the coast of Uruguay.

A stay would be a beautiful experience, taking a time-out from time.

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