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A Lap Pool for Floating Above it All in Canada

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To be able to float through a space is surely a new way to experience architectural space.

This overhead pool offers the next best thing; water is suspended above the entrance to a home.

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The dappled light cast by the water plays across the walls for a skylit entrance with a difference from Patkau Architects.

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From the rooftop terrace, the utmost in serene views leads the spirit out across the north shore of the bay.

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The Shaw house is located across English Bay from downtown Vancouver.

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A skylight window below its incredible lap pool brings light deep into the central space.

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The almost magical light is transmitted through a glass bottom to the pool.

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The house is in an area of high seismic risk, so the structure must be strong enough to contain the significant lateral movement due to the weight of the water.

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The entire house is built for the weight, in reinforced concrete.

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Because the house is on such a narrow lot, generous ceiling heights are used to create a sense of space.

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The living spaces and kitchen are at grade, a music room is below, and upstairs is the master bedroom, a study, and the lap pool.

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The entrance is directly under the pool which cantilevers out along the side of the house.

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A subdued palette is restricted to soft shades of grey concrete which is mixed with cements in various lighter whites.

1310 architecture

The pool runs along the entire west side of this very unique house.

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