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An Untraditional Japanese Home that Respects Japan’s Traditions

horizon house 1 architecture

This may not look like a very traditional japanese home.

But it follows all of the most important principles of Japanese architectural traditions.
horizon house 3 architecture

Privacy is first. Osaka architects Shinichi Ogawa & Associates created a home that is completely private.

horizon house 4 architecture

The translucent wall just beyond the courtyard creates a private and tranquil space within.

horizon house 12 architecture

The next traditional Japanese architectural principle is to create symmetry and peace.

horizon house 16 architecture

Because all of the storage is in one wall, the entire other side of the house is open, and virtually no clutter is seen.

horizon house 7 architecture

A built-in custom made glass TV wall conceals all the electronic clutter associated with the modern age.

horizon house 6 architecture

The next principle is to embrace the outside equally with the inside of a house.

horizon house 5 architecture

This is created using a homogeneous, floor surface throughout, uniting the spaces both inside and out.

horizon house 11 architecture

The blending of indoor and outdoor means that the outdoor counter for preparing fish is just as sleek and clean as the indoor kitchen preparation area.

horizon house13 architecture

Traditionally, the bathroom in a Japanese home often opens directly out onto a garden, so that the bather can enjoy the night air.

horizon house14 architecture

The bath is a time for meditation and peace.

horizon house 15 architecture

This level of scrupulous attention to detail is also very traditional.

Modern minimalism has changed the aesthetics of the detail, but not the degree of attention.

horizon house 9 architecture

And although the blank and apparently unfriendly exterior may seem disrespectful of the neighborhood, this completely translucent wall actually does also allow the neighbors some privacy too, and provides a soft glowing light for the street in the evening.

Via Arch Daily

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