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An Easy-care Mediterranean Villa Enjoys its Setting

Punta Brava 1 architecture

This delightful garden bathroom typifies the clean, open, and airy Santa Chritina Residence from Barcelona-based studio DNA Barcelona Architects.

Punta Brava 8 architecture

Located in Sant Feliu de Guixols, a tourist town on the Mediterranean Costa Brava in Catalonia, and open to the sea, with privacy to the sides from neighbors, the house reverses the usual arrangement of public and private space, where bedrooms are normally upstairs.

Punta Brava 4 architecture

At the lower level – opening directly out onto the garden lawn, are the most private areas of the house such as bedrooms and bathrooms, providing direct access to the swimming pool.

Punta Brava 9 architecture

The nearby ocean creates a presence that permeates the setting with a casual, holiday resort ambiance.

Punta Brava 10 architecture

Finishes are glossy low maintenance materials in a simple color scheme that make for relaxed living for a vacation home.

Punta Brava 3 architecture

The living room, sun terrace, dining room and kitchen are all on the upper floor overlooking the sea and sunset views.

Punta Brava 0 architecture

The unusual arrangement strikes a balance between the need for privacy and cool interiors in the Mediterranean climate, and openness to light and landscape.

Punta Brava 2 architecture

Placing the public rooms including the colorful and cheerful kitchen upstairs takes best advantage of the lovely sea views out over the Mediterranean Sea.

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2 Comments so far to “An Easy-care Mediterranean Villa Enjoys its Setting”
  1. West Coast Flooring Says:

    Wonderfully design house. There is a great view from the verandah. And the pool is just positioned so perfectly that it compliments the totality of the house. Let me just say good flooring too.

  2. Chris Says:

    Amazing design, like the kitchen part exclusively, however i also went through the designs of kitchen designer in Manhattan they also have a nice design.

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