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Arizona Family Home under a Half-Dome Roof

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AA Studio designed this bold dome-roofed three-bedroom family home in Sedona, Arizona.

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The street side of the house is a symphony of curved adobe in varying rosy hues.

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On the other side of the home the half and quarter circles are extended perpendicularly to the pool, while the color palette switches to brilliant blue.

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The roof has the wonderful soft green patina of weathering copper.

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Inside the house, the domed roof is panelled in wood, softening the soaring ceiling.

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To the back of the house, the house is single storey, so the bedrooms get both a domed roof and their own small lawn outside.

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A stepped landscape allows for intimate lawn views from the bedrooms.

The land is terraced on the private side outside the bedrooms, breaking up the hillside into a series of flat lawns.

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On the other side, the land falls away naturally and the entrance, marked by a bright and generously proportioned red door, is from the top floor.

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Stairs lead down outside to allow access directly to the pool in the front of the house.

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So this would be one ‘welcome home’ view.

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In Arizona, where temperatures can reach 110 degrees Fahrenheit, this is a welcome sight indeed!

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A truly memorable and warmly nurturing home.

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