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Stepped Greek Villa with an Arresting Zigzag Shape

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From ISV architects comes this bold geometric house overlooking the Aegean Sea from its steep perch on an Athens hilltop.

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The zigzag shape as seen from the street below is even more striking lit up at night.

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Because of the stepped structure, every room and every patio supplies a limitless vista out across the ancient Greek sea.

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The access from the street is at the site’s highest point. From here you’d descend to the lower living levels of the home.

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Next to a gloriously serene infinity pool, thick blocky geometric shapes extend through the glass into the house.

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Viewed from another angle, the living room actually appears to be just idly floating about on the pool.

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At night, swimmers are treated to a unique view through the living room.

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Spare and spartan, bathrooms have a brisk and clean-cut masculine flair.

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Uncompromisingly contemporary design marks the spacious kitchen.

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An unbroken view is achieved with floor to ceiling glazing that makes it possible to completely open the interior to the sweeping ocean view.

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A huge fireplace provides the focal point after the sun goes down.

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The design represents an original treatment of an almost impossibly steep site.

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