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Art Collector’s Home Features a Ramp for Viewing the Collection

nova lima1 architecture

The immense kitchen of an intriguing and huge house for art collectors in Brazil looks more like a high end retail establishment than a place to cook.

nova lima8 architecture

Instead of stairs, the house features an unusual ramp for walking up, to contemplate all the art displayed on the walls.

nova lima5 architecture

This angled walking ramp inclines gently and doubles back at a walkable pace, rather than at the steeper angle of a staircase.

nova lima2 architecture

Designed by , the house revolves around the clients’ very extensive art collection.

nova lima3 architecture

Sited in Nova Lima, Brazil, the house is surrounded by nature and represents a highly civilized respite from it.

nova lima10 architecture
No intermediate landscaping interrupts the awe-inspiring distant surrounding landscape, which is offered up, like an art piece, for viewing at a remove.

nova lima4 architecture

The completely private setting on extensive private land means the bedroom can be fully open to the landscape.

nova lima9 architecture

Entertaining in this stunning glass box with its vast views of distant mountains will surely be a memorable experience.

nova lima7 architecture

Like a large scale commercial building, a museum perhaps, the house is constructed of steel structural beams.

nova lima6 architecture

When not enjoying the art that they own, they can enjoy browsing a store-like supply of art magazines showing all the art they do not yet own.

nova lima11 architecture

Altogether this is a very civilized home on a very vast scale for a couple who are clearly very significant patrons of the arts.

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