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Roy Lichtenstein’s Studio Preserved in Greenwich Village


Caliper Studio

These eyebrow skylights are openings in a new green roof over the late Roy Lichtenstein’s art studio in New York’s Greenwich Village.

artist residence2 architecture

The clients brief for Caliper Studio was to preserve the artist’s studio as he left it.

artist residence3 architecture

Below the skylights, the studios are lit by a generous dollop of light.

Caliper Studio

His Pop Art sculptures are arrayed on the new sculpture garden green roof above.

artist residence4 architecture

The 1960s era studio is still the home of his widow, Dorothy Lichtenstein.

artist residence5 architecture

The renovation recreates the youthful joy of the era, when whitewashed brick was first popular, and dwellings were first repurposed from old warehouses and churches.

Caliper Studio

Some of the surrounding old buildings in Greenwich village date back several hundred years.

artist residence8 architecture

Within this environment, the artist had made his home.

artist residence7 architecture

References to the quirky irreverence of the Pop Art movement is apparent in the architects’ subtle renovation.

artist residence10 architecture

In a low key way, the architects have succeeded in creating an ode to the humor of Roy Lichtenstein, that’s reminiscent of the whole 1960s.

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