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Artificial Urban Forest Wins Taiwan Tower Competition

taiwan tower architecture

This extraordinary vision – creating a next nature for the coming century – has won the Taiwan Tower competition, for a community center to be built in Taichung City.

The semi-outdoor interior space generates a dappled light quality as if in a forest glade.

taiwan tower8 architecture

The “21st Century Oasis” is from Japan’s Sou Fujimoto Architects in collaboration with the Taiwanese engineering company, Fei & Cheng Associates.

taiwan tower 3 architecture

Reminding city residents of the nature so recently lost, the garden reintroduces the idea of nature into the urban fabric – becoming a symbolic landmark that will be visible from many points throughout the city.

taiwan tower4 architecture

The 21st Century Oasis will be set within a green belt, and become an urban retreat.

taiwan tower 5 architecture

A green rooftop ‘island’ will float at its summit, 300 meters above the city, representing the divine isle of Formosa.

taiwan tower6 architecture

Among many sustainable features, it will use rainwater harvesting and recycling to nourish plants at the top.

taiwan tower12 architecture

In addition, solar hot water panels, wind turbines, photovoltaic cells, ground source heat pumps and desiccant air-handling units are also incorporated.

taiwan tower13 architecture

Only a small part of the structure has floors, in the sense of a traditional skyscraper.

taiwantower11 architecture

But these are enough to serve as a lookout point and citified reconnoitering spot.

taiwantower12 architecture

Similarly, the lobby occupies only a small part of the structure’s footprint.

taiwan tower9 architecture

The foyer to a museum housed within is partly daylit through the dappled light.

taiwantower10 architecture

Only the museum itself has artificial light – to preserve the artworks from decay.

taiwan tower2 architecture

By night, the structure’s LED lighting can be lit up to make many different light patterns.

The carbon footprint is less than half that of a typical building, let alone one destined to become a city icon.

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