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The Zigzag House is Lit Only by Long Skylights

Takeshi Hosaka 6 architecture

This very, very, unique home for a family with three young children in Yamanashi, Japan, depends entirely on five full-length skylights to light the interior.

Takeshi Hosaka 4 architecture

Startlingly bleak on the outside – even by the standards of modern minimalist Japanese architecture, that consistently pushes the envelope – this home from Takeshi Hosaka architects hardly seems a suitable place to raise children.

Takeshi Hosaka 12 architecture

And yet… for all its oddness, the house creates a subtle and natural gradation from outdoors to indoors, really integrating the presence of nature into the living space.

Takeshi Hosaka 31 architecture

Open only at this end, the living room, with the hammock and dining table is the only room with an outside view.

Takeshi Hosaka 5 architecture

The bathroom and bedrooms are unseen, to the back end, and this living space is the only one that opens out.

Takeshi Hosaka 1 architecture

You may have noticed that there are no images of any interior bedrooms and bathrooms.

All the images are just of the first section, into this kitchen space – the dining table and the hammock on the deck, with the first skylight section.

outside1 architecture

They do look very different as the daylight changes, giving a glimpse of the varied life within.

outside2 architecture

But I am curious as to what these rooms must be like, lit only from above.

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