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Attic Playroom Tries to Not Shock the Neighbors

Tyler1 architecture
How to add an updated addition to expand a house for a growing family when the local architectural review board regulations require that not too much gets changed from a somewhat dowdy and timid existing design aesthetic in a Kansas suburb.
Tyler2 architecture

For el dorado inc – the problem was how to add a bedroom, a playroom and storage space to an existing suburban house, without upsetting the local vernacular.
Tyler3 architecture
Because there are good public schools in the area, there is a need to expand the current 1940s era housing stock to allow for growing families.
Tyler4 architecture
The architects chose this route, finding some unused space over the garage, which they turned into a big playroom, popped out from the existing wall above the garage doors.
Tyler5 architecture

They identified another location where space could be better utilized as well as the unused space above the garage.
Tyler6 architecture
They found a small, north end attic adjacent to an existing children’s bedroom that could be enlarged into a bedroom with a skylight.

Too bad we have to worry about the neighbors.

Via ArchDaily

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