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Olnick Spanu House From Estudio Campo Baeza Echoes their Rufo House

Olnick Spanu House1 architecture
I am beginning to think that architectural offices might work in the same way as fashion houses. In my youth I worked as a designer for a Pierre Cardin licensee and people would ask me why our company showed such ridiculous things in the Paris shows.

Our job at the New York licensee was to take the extreme idea and make it work in reality, yet still connect with the Paris runway show version; a kind of caricature of an overall idea, in a broad sketch, as an extreme example.

Here’s what looks to me like an example of the same kind of procedure by the enormously talented Javier Callejas of Estudio Campo Baeza, from the world of architecture:
Rufo House6 architecture
Above, the “runway” version: the Rufo House, a beautiful but strange house which I covered here previously.

Below, The Olnik Spanik House. The more grounded version of this kind of extreme idea; note the similarities…
Olnick Spanu House2 architecture
Here, the livable version. Still beautiful, but without the crazy edge.
Olnick Spanu House3 architecture
And here, the platform inspiration:
Rufo House1 architecture
Below, the interior: super sleek, but still livable
Olnick Spanu House4 architecture
And now, the runway version. It has the scale of train station platform.
Rufo House7 architecture
Even the view of the view through the back, seen below:
Olnick Spanu House51 architecture
And back to the prototype:
Rufo House4 architecture
What do you think? Is there a variety of architecture that is like runway shows for the equivalent of fashionistas?

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5 Comments so far to “Olnick Spanu House From Estudio Campo Baeza Echoes their Rufo House”
  1. Liz Says:

    Exquisite :)

  2. Carol | Construction Postcards Designs Says:

    Maybe it will also look good if the the walls are not transparent on all angles and views. If you make the colors of the interiors a little like black and white themed, it could add elegance too.

  3. Jeremy Says:

    Positive if you are conditioned to have the idea people may look at you at any time. Possibly this would make you more self aware in your own surroundings. The architecture is not new, not in modular language or materials usage. Very simplistic in realisation of gained external vistas. Are we to believe the inclusion of a swimming pool and associated solar thermal apparatus to enable such a construction the benifits of heating and residual temperature control for the inclusion of such a vast expanse of what looks to be an often shaded glass and reflective surface ideal?

  4. Olnick Spanu House / Estudio Campo Baeza | External Brain Says:

    [...] talented Javier Callejas of Estudio Campo Baeza, from the world of architecture — via Home Design Find This entry was posted in Design. Bookmark the permalink. ← Maurce Lacroix Pontos [...]

  5. Marcus Anders Says:

    Very good points and very detailed.Thanks

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