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Bahian Traditions Create a Luxurious and Sustainable House

bahia12 architecture

The Bahia House by São Paulo-based Studio MK27 brings an air of the orient to Salvadore, Brazil.

Bahia2 architecture

The sophisticated and carefully detailed urban townhouse oozes quiet luxury.

bahia3 architecture

Open to cross breezes, it needs no ugly air conditioning despite the sultry climate.

bahia5 architecture

The cool stone floor and wooden ceiling are traditions in Bahian architecture.

bahia4 architecture

The house was designed according to traditional principles for the climate of Bahia.

bahia6 architecture

Bahian homes have clay roofs, a banal material made in a rustic manner, and wooden ceilings.

bahia7 architecture

They make use the northeastern wind blowing in from the sea to organize the floor plan for comfort.

bahia9 architecture

Cross ventilation in the principal space keeps the interior cool and airy.

bahia8 architecture

The openings have large panels of wooden Mashrabiyas (screens) – a Moorish influence on Portuguese architecture which the Portuguese brought to Brazil in the early centuries of the colony.

bahia11 architecture

But the result: an open pavilion in the combination of clay tiles and open space underneath is also reminiscent of Japanese shrine.

bahia10 architecture

As is the utter serenity of these large, simple, flat, carefully composed rectangular spaces.

Bahia1 architecture

The result is a calm and pleasant house, that respects hard won traditions.

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