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Beach House with a View in Sydney, Australia

sydney beach house architecture

This spectacular beach house is located in Sydney, Australia and was designed by Jorge Hrdina Architects. With a unique angled roof, the house is positioned  for the optimum view of the water.  A gorgeous 360° view makes this an incredible beach house. This house gives an unexpected feeling of privacy. The main floor sits above neighboring homes, which makes the house stand out among the rest.

beach house view architecture

Sliding floor to ceiling windows allow for an open unobstructed view of the water and landscape surrounding the home. A 19 meter lap pool is located right off the deck on the main floor. Go past the deck and you will find a clean contemporary kitchen, fit for a beach house. Nicely placed below the lap pool is the lower lever which is accessible by a polished staircase. The lower lever features two bedrooms which lead to the courtyard and a shared bathroom. On the upper level, the sitting room, main bedroom, kitchen and deck can be found. Read more about this beach house at The Sydney Morning Herald.  


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  1. salwa Says:

    can i have a plan of this house?

  2. Babs Segal Says:

    Fabulous house and article, thanks for sharing!

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