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Xten Open House

open house architecture

Never has open house been able to be taken so literally. Glass is the favored wall material on this project. Making up 44  panels that can slide away for better landscape views, it’s the main focus of the home. Glass can also be found as fixed walls which offer more lighting to the interior. Because it is mostly glass, the house is open to the world and all of the beautiful outside views. Deep overhangs provide shade and protection from the sun. The open house feeling can also be seen in the interior of the home.

To visually balance the glass, the home is filled with natural stone, dark stained oak and plaster, and has quartz flooring spanning the inside and outside of the home. The Hollywood Hills home was built into a sharply sloping narrow lot which made for a challenging design and build site. Incredible views, feeling of being at one with nature, and a stunning modern home makes this an exquisite Open House. Check it out at Xten Architecture.

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