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BIG Designs Innovative New National Gallery for Greenland

BIG national museum4 architecture
We have covered the visionary architecture of BIG here before, their extraordinary waste-to-energy building with a ski slope on top has to be one of the odder pieces of architecture around.

Greenland’s new National Gallery provides yet another example of their weird and lovely architecture.

BIG national museum1 architecture
Together with the team TNT Nuuk + Ramboll Nuuk + Architekti, they have just won a competition to design the new museum in the capital city of Nuuk.  The clear shape of the gallery appears more like a sculpture or a piece of land‐art.
BIG national museum2 architecture
The fjordland setting in the extraordinary landscape of Greenland drove the unusual design. “The Danish functionalistic architecture in is typically square boxes which ignore the unique nature of ,” says

“We therefore propose a national gallery which is both physically and visually in harmony with the dramatic nature, just like life in is a symbiosis of the nature”.
BIG national museum3 architecture

In whatever season it is viewed, the museum seems like an alien spacecraft that has just touched down. You want to investigate closer.

BIG national museum5 architecture
For families in the snowbound land, an imaginative community center like this museum has to be a real treat, opening minds, as only art can.

The design brief? Tuusi Josef Motzfeldt, one of the gallery’s board members said, “Our dream is an institution that stimulates our curiosity, awake our excitement with its thought‐provoking design and where we all feel at home.”

I think they got it.

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  1. Jessica Janes Says:

    Wow. What an other-worldly and unique creation it would be, in such a stark and isolated environment. Very fitting.

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