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Less is More

Magdalena Keck Miami 1 art home decor
This Miami beach townhouse with its very chic unfussy decor by Magdalena Keck is the perfect example of minimalist decorating, sensitive to the modernist architecture of the town house.

Magdalena Keck Miami 2 art home decor
The sense of the big blue sky above and the beach nearby is echoed by the ample white pillows scattered throughout the outdoor decks, almost like cumulus clouds.
Magdalena Keck Miami 3 art home decor
The table has been built-in as part of the balustrade to the outdoor deck.

Magdalena Keck Miami 6 art home decor
The superb restraint continues indoors. The living room echoes the subtle play of color outside.
Magdalena Keck Miami 7 art home decor
What little furniture there is offers a clear contrast.
Magdalena Keck Miami 5 art home decor
The bathroom is just as free of extraneous detail. An open and airy feeling is created by the lack of clutter in this tranquil bathing room.
Magdalena Keck Miami 4 art home decor
So often, when used in furniture, this kind of interesting wood can be alarmingly tacky, twirled up as it usually is into touristy objets that look dated and busy.

Here, set off by the simplicity of vast white space, you have time to respect the venerable age and the manufactured gift of this particular wood by this ancient and now dead tree, as a testament to the abundant glory of the world. Less is more.

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