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Biological Inspiration for Otto Bock Medical Center

Otto Bock architecture
In New Berlin – the Otto Bock Science Center for Medical Technology at Potsdamer Platz by Gnädinger Architekten crosses two concepts that don’t seem very appealing individually to create a novel architecture that is quite lovely.

Otto Bock2 architecture

The two design inspirations that are married in this building are – the excessively clean and sanitized world of modern medicine… and muscle fiber.

Strangely, the improbable marriage of biology and high tech works. An amorphous, abstract facade, which wraps dynamically around the six-storey, reinforced concrete frame, encompasses the entire space like muscle over a skeleton. (If muscles were extremely sanitized and clean white plastic, of course.)

Otto Bock4 architecture

The detailing is beautiful. Organically-formed, white exterior bands encircle the rounded body of the building, like human muscle fibers stretched over a skeleton.

Otto Bock2 architecture

The two create a metaphor for the simulation of complex biological processes and structures.

Otto Bock3 architecture
The 15 points represent the great joints of the body, providing a familiar rhythm to the scientific and medical personnel working in the building.

Images: Gnädinger Architekten
Source: Cubeme

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