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A Modular Tropical Apartment Complex for 2050

Modular Kubo1 green
This concept apartment house by Edward Castro for the Bahay Cubo 2050 competition is intended as a visionary zero energy apartment home for the Philippines in 2050. But actually, it would not look out of place in ecological design circles now.

Modular Kubo2 green

It would harvest its own energy from sun and wind. It harvests its own water from rain.

Modular Kubo4 green
Each terrace has its own water harvesting and water slowing system, that stores rainwater in a cistern below the deck. This water is later used as toilet water or for landscaping the area.

Modular Kubo5 green
Combining modular building in separate pods, this kind of building technique makes for lower construction costs and some flexibility in being able to plug in a new solution as it arises.

Modular Kubo6 green
The airy result is tropical in feeling.

Modular Kubo7 green
He envisions these built sustainably out of easily regenerated tropical woods that are jungle grown and easily harvested with low carbon energy.

Modular Kubo8 green
Open porches created by the awnings would close down to protect the house during tropical storms.

Modular Kubo9 green
But when the warm evening air beckons householders out to savor jungle life, porches would open up to shade guests enjoying the surrounding tropical views.

Source: Ecofriend

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