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Blairgowrie Court Residence by Frank Macchia

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Impressive is the least we can say about The Blairgowrie Court residence in the Melbourne suburb of Brighton. Designed by Australian architect Frank Macchia, this modern home has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and tons of unique style. It seems Macchia’s creative mind had a lot of fun playing with space and shape. The result is this amazing contemporary house with a complex front elevation, beautiful open feel interior and clean but well blending furnishing. If you like this architectural eye candy, it can be yours as it’s currently for sale by Buxton.

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  3. Blairgowrie Court Showcases Frank Macchia’s Playful Shapes Says:

    […] Completely unique and playful with space, shape and style, the home on Blairgowrie Court was designed by Australian architect Frank Macchia, who went all out with a concept that mixes materials. In a suburb of Melbourne, the 4-bed/3-bath home is surrounded by fish-filled water gardens, a long, skinny lap pool, courtyards and has an interior stuffed with open loft-style spaces and contemporary fixtures. The home is for sale and has polished concrete, sandstone and bluestone that mingle with glass and metal and large sliding glass doors extend the ground floor into the spectacular pool area. [homedesignfind] […]

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