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Dutch Waterstudios Rise Alongside Sea Levels

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Here’s a look at the housing of the future. Don’t risk catastrophic damage as sea levels change; just design housing that floats. Waterstudio designer Koen Olthius is from Holland, where managing sea level has centuries of thought behind it. He has come up with a very innovative idea. An entire floating housing complex.

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His solution is prefabricated modules for an entire little town comprising a floating road and 60 luxury apartments with parking. The units will be built into a small area, making the housing complex achieve a density of 30 units per acre of water. Outside each apartment will be a garden terrace and the complex will include greenhouses.

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From inside each apartment,there  a view of the water. But it is not just for looks. Cool water from the depths of the lake is to be used to cool the interior temperatures of the complex, which helps in saving up to 25% more energy than a conventional building on land.

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The world’s first floating apartment complex, The Citadel, makes it possible to live on water and tap into it for energy as well.

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